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Interior design and Custom Art for your luxury stagings.

Luxury Design and Custom Art for workspace, commercial space, entertainment space, corporate, and real estate staging in Miami, FL and worldwide.

Our gallery wholeheartedly supports the connection between custom commercial art, design and real estate. We can proud ourselves to offer an almost infinite range of possibilities to fill workspaces, commercial spaces, entertainment venues and sophisticated homes with tasteful artworks and exclusive design pieces.


Developers are including art galleries in their leasing and workspace offices.

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Real Estate

Architects, developers, designers, and brokers believe in the relationship between art and real estate.

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The most exquisite craftsmanship meets the uniqueness of museum quality artworks.

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The quality of our works is superlative, equal only to our excellent service.

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Discover the new "Stargate Collection"

It's FREE. But not forever.

A Stargate can make a difference in staging any project. It’s minimal, timeless, elegant, and will deliver a “wow” factor. It’s backlit, and the lighting effect completely changes the atmosphere at night. It can be thoroughly customized in size and color (my favourites are black and white, but you can have it any color!), it’s ideal for huge spaces, and it takes only two weeks to have it done. No need to ship, or to hire help: we will personally come and install/remove the Stargate from the wall.

Are you a broker, a developer, an architect, a designer?

Choose whatever Stargate you like for your next project. It's for FREE.

But hurry up: it's not forever.

(There is no obligation on your part. You can return it to us at any time. And if you want to keep it for your subsequent projects, you can choose between our flexible monthly subscriptions or rent-to-buy solutions.)

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11HH Art Gallery in Miami, FL 

Since the very beginning in late 2016 11HH Art Gallery has been pursuing a strong gallery program focusing on avant-garde art. Starting as a hub for mid-career and established artists, today 11HH Art Gallery also deals masterpieces of the 20th. Century both in the primary and secondary international art market.

11HH Art Gallery is based in Miami, FL and represents local and international artists.

11HH Art Gallery in Miami

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11HH Art Gallery

2200 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL


2200 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, 33137, US

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We FreeThink the Contemporary Art market.